Six Gears Consulting is based in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, California.

I started the company out of a passion for business and out of the experiences (good and bad) that I’ve gone through since I started my first business at the age of 19, and out of the desire to help other Business Owners and Directors get what most of them wanted to get when they first made a decision to become Entrepreneurs… freedom, purpose, excitement and profits.

I believe that your business has six main gears that drive it that can either make it run smoothly and profitably or can cause it to stagnate and even break if each gear is not handled with care…

Those six gears are:

1. You
2. Your Market
3. Your Product or Service
4. Your Marketing
5. Your People
6. Your Systems

Each one of those components is crucial to your business success and each one must be optimized so that it keeps the entire machine running smoothly and profitably.

Overlook the stability of either one of those gears and you will run into problems sooner or later… if you haven’t already (we speak from experience).

At Six Gears Consulting, we take a holistic approach at evaluating each one of the gears and provide you with effective solutions to help you achieve maximum results, higher profits, the least amount of headaches and the freedom so many Business Owners and Directors long for, but so easily eludes them.

Contact me today for a free, no-obligation consultation and let’s explore how I may be able to help you reach your business goals.

To a well-oiled and profitable machine,

Salvador Posada - Round

Salvador Posada